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We offer a range of career opportunities within our Manufacturing areas – from factory workers who are the key in being able to service our customers, to Engineers who optimise our products and processes.


At Borg we believe innovative manufacturing is the foundation of our business. Borg Manufacturing optimises manufacturing processes and show great flexibility for supporting rapid growth. State of the art machinery and manufacturing techniques allow us to supply and compete in the very competitive kitchen and joinery decorative door, panel and laminate markets. This has positioned Borg Manufacturing as an Australian leader in manufacturing.

We offer a range of career opportunities within our Manufacturing areas – from factory operators who are vital for servicing our customers the quality and timeliness they expect, to Engineers who optimise our products and processes.

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Product Sorting at Borg's Somersby Plant
Robotics at Borg's Somersby Plant
Createc Line at Borg's Somersby Plant
Paper Treater at Borg's Oberon Plant
Board Rotator at Borg's Oberon Plant
Vacuum Lifter at Borg's Oberon Plant


I started at Borg in 1988, I was 15 years old, and worked in a small shed on Arizona Rd, Charmhaven with 6 to 8 other people. When I started we were making kitchen doors and vanities which we sanded by hand and then sprayed in Polyurethane. We also were assembling kitchens in John and Michael's family garage due to not having enough room in the factory on Arizona Rd.

As time moved forward so did technology and so did Borg – new ideas, new machinery, new sheds. Borg was starting to grow, getting the first vacuum sealed press which changed the way we made doors forever. The new process looked too simple to be true – spray glue on the face and edges of a door, lay foil over the doors and send it into a press for 3 minutes and the doors would be done. I then found myself for the next 5 years spraying doors by hand. By then automation was starting to come alive, new flat bed triple table routers were arriving, so did a new and an improved press line, foil Loaders, store pre-cut foil, and a trimming machine. Then along came the first spray robot which would take my job of spraying doors by hand. I still remember thinking - how can this work but at the same time how cool it was, and would I be out of a job. But then I was given my first real responsibility, being a Line Leader on the first press line. After that we were getting really busy and Michael Borg asked me to run a small nightshift for 3 months until Christmas to catch up. 5 years later I got off night shift, and started my career being a Supervisor in the Thermolaminate Factory.

Years went by and a second factory manufacturing melamine doors was built and I was given the opportunity to manage this factory. Following this our Somersby factory was built and we began manufacturing benchtops and I was given the responsibility of managing the Benchtops department for 7 years. In 2016 I moved to Charmhaven to be a part of building a third factory. Since then I have been involved in the expansion of the Melamine product, commissioning of new machinery, and managing the daily operations of Factory 2 and 3 at Charmhaven.

If someone asked me back then, how Borg would be today, I would never have imagined that Borg would be as big as it is. It's been a pleasure to work for John and Michael Borg and to be part of what is today.

Daryl Chapman, Production Coordinator, commenced with Borg in 1988.

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