Company History

For over 30 years Borg has continued to grow as a leading Australian innovator in manufacturing.


Borg is a proudly Australian-owned business, encapsulating a group of companies including polytec, Crossmuller, Australian Panel Products, reDirect Recycling and Direct Pallets. The Borg business model supports sustainable practices throughout all companies and brands, while employing over 2000 people nationwide.

Borg’s commitment to Australian manufacturing has been the focus of the organisation for over 30 years. Through a development of brands from manufacturing services to recycling initiatives, Borg continues to grow in the Australian market.

Ensuring the production of the highest quality in the most cost-effective manufacturing processes is integral to Borg's intent of delivering superior value to its customers. Through Australian Panel Products, timber products are manufactured and distributed nationwide across a wide range of brands. With multiple manufacturing sites across Australia, Australian Panel Products employ world class production and manufacturing innovation.

Crossmuller specialise in the design and development of such world-class manufacturing facilities, including everything from design, construction, installation, and commissioning. Crossmuller’s mission is to enable successful Australian manufacturing by providing safe, smart, and efficient solutions.

Borg is highly aligned with sustainability and has adapted vertical integration into every aspect of the business. Through recycling initiatives created by the newly acquired reDirect Recycling and Direct Pallets, Borg is aiming for circular resource recovery solutions which can be integrated into other parts of the business. By restoring the end-of-life process of products, Borg is offering affordable products and services with vertical integration that also benefits the environment.

Elements of every business work together in the Borg group of companies, from manufacturing to recycling and services, highlighting the importance of vertical integration and investment in infrastructure.

Our Brands

Australian Panels
Australian Panels is a leading Australian manufacturer of melamine panels and components for all joinery applications.
polytec is an Australian decorative board and laminate brand.
Crossmuller specialises in the design and development of world-class manufacturing facilities, which includes everything from design, construction, factory layout, through to installation and commissioning.
polytec Laminates
polytec Laminates is an Australian owned, private company based in Malaysia with state-of-the-art paper treating and pressing lines, with the most recent installations in 2018.
inBuilt supply barn doors, backing board, shelving and edgetape for internal joinery solutions.
reDirect Recycling
reDirect Recycling offer circular resource recovery solutions. The processes are part of a streamlined system that ensures excess waste is diverted from landfill.
Direct Pallets
Direct Pallets offer a range of recycled, new and custom-made pallets, skids, crates and boxes.
COLOURpyne is a brand of decorative board products supplied to the Australian joinery market.
CUSTOMpine is a brand of Raw & Laminated Particleboard.
CUSTOMwood is a brand of Raw & Laminated MDF.
STRUCTAflor is a brand of general purpose and treated structural flooring.
Dekorform manufacturers profile-wrapped products for a variety of industries, Australia-wide.
Decofoils supplies decorative film for vacuum-formed lamination, for internal joinery application.
Bettergrow is an Australian leader in the recovery and re-manufacture of organic residuals, waste and by-products.
Plantation Pine Products
Plantation Pine Products manage and harvest Radiata Pine for use in the panel industry of Australia
Borg Fleet Management
Borg Fleet Management maintain an internal fleet of company trucks, cars and plant, ensuring operational safety and reducing overall emissions through the latest technology, regular maintenance, and upgrades.
Woodchem is a resin manufacturer for materials used in the joinery and construction industries.
Space Urban

Space Urban was founded to manage and optimise the freehold property portfolio of 176 industrial, rural and commercial sites across the nation.

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